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How do you fix erectile dysfunction?

If someone walked up to you and asked you: How do you fix erectile dysfunction? Would you be able to provide a satisfactory answer? More than likely, not, so if you want to become someone who can provide an answer, read on and arm yourself with the kind of accurate and convincing information on how to cure the controversial condition of having erectile dysfunction.

The condition that all grown men dread

Without beating around the bush, erectile dysfunction is impotence in men which happens regardless of age, colour, stature, young, middle aged or even old.

Men all dread the condition because it smacks at their manhood, their pride, their ability to perform, to give satisfaction and gratification to their sexual partners.

But let no man be so disheartened or disillusioned about erectile dysfunction. It is simply one of the many conditions that men suffer and as such it is a curable condition which depends mainly on maintaining a healthy body that enjoys a free flowing circulation of blood to all parts of the body, especially the penis.

There are three main persistent symptoms that all men who have erectile dysfunction experience:

  • low sexual urge
  • difficulty in achieving an erection
  • difficulty in maintaining an erection over time.

Against these three main symptoms and after the sufferer is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, many avenues are available below for minimizing these three symptoms and possibly putting an end to your erectile dysfunction condition.

Managing your illness

The moment you are convinced that you have erectile dysfunction, the wisest thing for you to do is to contact your doctor or online pharmacist that you’ve discovered you have erectile dysfunction.

It’s quite likely that you are also suffering from other illnesses such as obesity, heart problems, diabetes and many other diseases, but you are simply unaware of the effect that these diseases have on your sexual activities.

The doctor would most likely counsel you to be more physically active in order to combat your condition. He would more than likely suggest that you engage more in physical activities, such as exercising or losing your obesity.

Paying attention to physical causes

You should inform yourself on the habits and practices in which you involve yourself that impact erectile dysfunction. You should, for example know most of the things that cause erectile dysfunction.

You should familiarize yourself with physical illnesses such as diabetes, heart issues, inability to sleep, cholesterol levels, obesity and high blood pressure.

You should also be familiar with the kind or medications you take for your other illnesses and recognize their effects on your erectile dysfunction condition. Know that you should tell your doctor or online pharmacist before you actually take them.

Paying attention to psychological causes

In addition to your own physical conditions that may give rise to erectile dysfunction, you should also be familiar with the workings of the mind in causing erectile dysfunction.

You should familiarize yourself with depressions which over tax your brain, anxiety which destroys confidence and vigor, stress that gives you fatigue and lack of focus as well as poor relationships.

These emphasize the importance and the need for visiting your doctor to obtain the right treatment for your erectile dysfunction.

Don’t be complacent but be proactive

Ignoring your erectile dysfunction may lead to experience much more serious complications that include an unsatisfactory life sexually, troubling anxiety, low self-esteem, anxiety and troubled relationships.

A possibility of reversing erectile dysfunction

A published study found that erectile dysfunction may be reversed from changes in lifestyle such as exercising to get weight loss, healthy diets and deep sleep.

The researchers also showed that medication for erectile dysfunction would even be more potent if you introduced these lifestyle changes into the daily regimen.

More prescribed medications now than ever before

Nowadays there are many more prescribed medications available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction that include:

  • Levitra or Staxyn (vardenafil)
  • Viagra (sildenafil)
  • Cialis (tadalafil)
  • Stendra (avanafil)

Whenever you decide to use any of these prescribed medications for treating your erectile dysfunction, you should talk with your doctor about your decision.

In addition to all the above prescribed medications fixes for erectile dysfunction, the following activities and habits also act as supplements for the medications which comprise:


This is perhaps the most impactful of all the lifestyle changes you can introduce into your regimen for getting rid of erectile dysfunction. According to an ED expert urologist, exercising works in two ways, first in combating ED and second in reversing the condition once it begins to cause a problem.

This activity improves the highly important factor of blood flow which is critical to getting strong erections and also lowers blood pressure by swamping blood vessels with nitric oxide, exactly the way Sildenafil operates.

Weight lifting will also boost the production of testosterone levels in a natural way, a factor that strengthens erections and sex urge at the same time.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet has a direct impact on erectile dysfunction. A diet that contain whole grains, fish, vegetables and fruit but less of red meat and refined grains tends to decrease the onset of erectile dysfunction.

A healthy diet helps to maintain a constant weight for obvious reasons which is important because men who have a 42 to 50 inch waist is more prone to erectile dysfunction than those who have a 32-inch waist.

Deep sleep

Among the many functions of your body is sleeping, which regulates testosterone levels in your body in terms of the better you sleep the higher your testosterone levels. Lower testosterone levels make fertile ground for erectile dysfunction.

The release of hormones by the body’s inner time mechanism that’s activated by your sleep patterns for secreting the hormones. Your sleep pattern is also a nemesis of erectile dysfunction because they maintain consistent signals for the release of the hormones.

Quit smoking

This is a sure remedy for erectile dysfunction for many men especially when ED is caused by diseased blood vessels due to the blocking or narrowing of arteries, which also restricts the flow of blood to the penis. Smoking can narrow blood vessels and increase the risk of ED. Talk to the doctor about quitting.

Lower your alcohol consumption

Take note that according to experts, alcohol is a depressant that can induce short or long-term ED. The release of nitric oxide which produces and maintains an erection is the work of the central nervous system.

Alcohol suppresses and hiders the function of the nervous system making it work sluggishly. Erectile dysfunction thrives best when insufficient nitric oxide is released by the nervous system.

Monitor your medications

Some medications for treating high blood pressure and depressants taken for other health issues can produce erectile dysfunction as a side effect. They are too many to list here but you can find them out from your doctor and also ask for the right direction.


As a possible cure for erectile dysfunction, the use of acupuncture can be used only incertain instances

Herbal remedies

There are many uncertainties about the effectiveness of herbal remedies for ED except for red ginseng and pomegranate juice. Ginseng is reputed to increase nitric oxide production for better blood flow and pomegranate juice can assist in preventing atherosclerosis.

Bottom line

There are certainly a plethora of ways on how to fix erectile dysfunction that involve both prescribed medication and various natural activities and habits that can help in curing or even reversing the onslaught of erectile dysfunction. In between are the decisions that you need to make in connection with these remedies and for these, you are always reminded to talk to your doctor or your online pharmacist about any changes that you need to make.

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