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What are the Benefits of Exercising on curing erectile dysfunction?

Exercising has invaluable benefits for those who practice it but little do they or we seriously ponder the very real relationship between say the jog or the walk or even fishing and the widely known condition of erectile dysfunction. The relationship lies in the very fruits of exercising which naturally produce results that may prove the demise of ED. Read on to find how exercising carries the fight to erectile dysfunction in a stealthy fashion.

The proven benefits of exercising

The medical experts believe that signals which begin or trigger sexual activities originate in the brain and travel down to the lower regions of the body. If this is the case, the first priority for the fight against ED must start with the brain.

People who visit the gym also admit that exercising not only improve cardiovascular wellbeing, builds bulging muscles and a fantastic body, but it also does wonders above the neck line especially on the brain.

Exercising has been known to literally skyrocket brain function for the past ten years and studies have not been far behind in finding that exercise does have very significant mental benefits.

While everyone seem positively convinced that exercising is the one activity that promotes mental wellbeing, relationships and a happier and healthier lifestyle, we should also delve into the subject and learn more about this great and wonderful physical pastime.


What kind of stress do you suffer from most as you go about your daily routines to start the day off? Is it the news, a windy rainy day, a slip of the pathway, a bad day at the office or the traffic jam on your return home?

There are so many kinds of stressful situations that confront us every day but fortunately, putting on your shoes and a brisk walk or jog on the sideway or the park can make the physical and mental stress disappear in a flash. Go on, do it and find out if it’s not true.

You may not know but a chemical known as norepinephrine collects in your system as a result of your exercising. The chemical lowers stress level in your brain. Less brain stress means more time for the brain to focus on your ED.


There’s a chemical in your body known as endorphins and their production is triggered by exercising. When they circulate, they calm the nerves and distribute a feeling of euphoria.

So if you are depressed or anxious, what better medicine than to have happiness be brought to your bodily and brain cells? If you don’t like gym workouts, there are so many other forms of exercising.


To everyone, self-confidence is everything in whatever endeavor or venture there’re doing but contrary to common belief, you really don’t have to perform an extraordinary feat to boost your ego and self-confidence.

 Ordinary exercising that boosts physical fitness can elevate self-esteem and bolster self-image and it doesn’t matter what your age, build sex or weight happens to be simple exercising can quickly dissipate doubt and replace it with zeal and confidence.

When you look in the mirror during and after your exercising, you have nothing but esteem and pride for being yourself.

Exhilarating outdoor experience

There’s a real difference between your quiet homely surroundings and the open spaces beyond it. You seem to just feel great, special and full of strength and vigor as you romp along smiling to impress.

What do you fancy, canoeing, rowing, hill climbing, hiking or just plain old bush walking? Whatever the preference can stimulate your body and mind for the better.

The sun streams down jets of vitamin D into your skin and system and the risk of developing a depressing mood quickly disappears but don’t forget the sunscreen to ward off sunburn.

Prevent loss of memory

Unfortunately with aging our brains tend to become sluggish and forgetful. The head also shrinks of all things and brain cells are vanquished never to be the same again as Alzheimer’s disease plays havoc with our intellectual and nerve cognizance functions.

There’s no hope of curing Alzheimer’s destructive presence but there’s that glint of hope that you may ward it off for many more years to come. You certainly can do that by exercising which can prevent a rapid decline of you cognitive abilities that started at the age of 45.

Calm anxiety

One of the most exciting things about exercising is that it triggers the movement of countless numbers of warm and fuzz covered chemicals to swim about in your system with a soothing effect on your anxious state.

Yes, you can hop on the treadmill or simply go for a jog to lessen your anxiety to wear down your anxiety. Studies have shown that the tougher the exercise the greater the reduction in anxiety

Improves brainpower

A strong body and brain appear to complement one another if not by sight, most definitely on paper. Studies have shown that exercising to strengthen the heart and blood vessels actually create brain cells that improve brain activity.

More specifically the amount of a protein called BDNF that are formed in the brain actually happens as a result of tough exercising. It is believed to help with learning, complex thinking and decision making processes.

Sharpen memory

Physical exercise has a lot to do with improving memory and an ability to learn new things and it can do it in both children and adults. It can increase cells in the hippocampus that control memory and learning activities.

So it is that researchers have seen it fitting to link the brain development of a child with his/her physical wellbeing.

Surprisingly for grown-ups a study found that sprinting enabled adults to improve their retention of vocabulary.

In another study, short light exercises were found to produce

Help with addiction

A craving which can ultimately turn to addiction can be blamed on the brain for its release of the chemical dopamine or the reward sensation when a person experiences pleasure.

It is this reward cycle that first becomes a craving and ultimately turns into an addiction which can only interfere with erectile dysfunction.

Exercising actually diverts people’s attention from cravings for instance in their effort to quit smoking or drinking alcohol, which is good for erectile dysfunction.

Induces more relaxation

Weightlifting, especially lifting dumbbells can hardly be called relaxing or even the walk, jog or run but ever noticed that when you lie down to have a short nap after weights is so relaxing?

The reason is that even light exercising is like taking a sleeping pill which makes you feel so relaxed you seem to be floating on a cloud.

Likewise, when you exercise for about 6 hours before going to sleep your temperature soars and you are completely alert, but when your temperature drops later, that relaxed feeling comes back again and you know it’s time for bed. Relaxing is good for erectile dysfunction

Bottom line

One very noticeable aspect of the above information is that exercising actually counteracts the very mental and physical conditions that impede the proper engagement and enjoyment of sexual activity. This means that exercising creates conditions in the mind and body that directly attack the causes of erectile dysfunction by  mitigating their effect and making the survival of ED not all that easy.

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